Friend's CBT2 Thief

** Oct. 7 Update **

This build is now outdated with the fix to Poison Edge, release of different weapons, and removal of Chaos Devorak for the LV 50 Tier. Different builds are more optimized for Hard Dungeons. There are only a few days until release, and that’s when the level cap will rise to 60. Unfortunately there are only a few days until then, so testing out new builds for the sake of a few days is not really a good use of time.

The general idea is that there is a spectrum of builds between full Vicious Cuts and full Poison Edge that Thief can choose according to the raid or dungeon.

(Posted 2018-08-08)

Hi, this is Friend here with a brief PvE Thief build. This guide is built upon my experiences in CBT2 only, and therefore may not be applicable on release.

I wasn’t part of any first clear Chaos Dvorak or anything, but I was able to do somewhat competitive damage for my gear as a thief. There were several carry runs I have been a part of on Vero’s and Lionpoke’s streams. The VODs should still be intact. Many of you will probably be surprised at my build, but I will justify why. This is probably the simplest build to play until achieving legendary weapons.

The build in question:
CBT2 pre-Legendary Thief Build

Rotation: Kick, Mindstealer on cooldown. Align Mesoguard Plus EX (Dmg boost) with Holy Symbol and use it on cooldown. Vicious Cuts with SP and regen with Double Slash. Vicious cuts every Cunning proc.

First of all, why no poison?

After testing extensively, every poison build I have tried was a DPS loss.

It’s in my opinion that poison is simply not worth it until getting the full Legendary set from Chaos Dvorak. The legendary set indeed gives poison damage, but I was running a +15 Ikar Morde dagger, with very low enhanced Legendary weapons (+4 legendary offhand).

Therefore, I was not able to utilize the additional poison damage from the set effect. As a result I did no testing with it. But, I have no doubt a shift to poison-based builds will be much more viable after getting the set.

Legendary set. Gloves not pictured

As you can see, the set gives +6% poison dmg for 6s on proc, per item. This is a total of +27% or +30% poison damage (I didn’t test the weapon and differential out, sorry).

There are many reasons why poison was more utilized in Korea’s Lv 50 cap and that I didn’t use it. One of the main reasons why this changed for our version is that the pre-requisite tree is simply different.

Below I will illustrate the prerequisite differences:

Skill Prereqs: Korea (Past) Prereqs: Korea (Post-Awaken Patch) Prereqs: Global
Surprise Attack 5 Poison Edge, 3 Poison Vial 6 Poison Edge, 4 Poison Vial 6 Poison Edge, 4 Poison Vial
Haste 3 Mindstealer 3 Mindstealer 5 Mindstealer

As you can see, the pre-requisite changes severely punished Thief by adding a total of 4 required skill points. Thief already requires so many skill points to be relevant, but this is especially punishing in 50 cap. I can only hope that we get a level cap increase earlier than expected.

PvE Thieves will undoubtedly suffer in 50 cap.

As with any class,
Stats: All LUK (All Main stat)
Equipment: Prioritize piercing. Upgrade both main and offhand for best results

Rotation demonstration below, recorded on kMS2 because I have no other medium. Ignore equips and numbers if you can.